2 way coating system

Coating takes 30-70% of printing time depending on the part's design. 2-way coating system save up to 50% of that time making the printer more productive.

AI visual coating control

Machine vision system prevents defects in the printed part. In case any problems with the coating have detected the system first tries to recoat the surface, and set to pause or stop in case the problem can not be resolved automatically, the operator is called to fix the problem manually.

Powder recycling system 

Automatic powder recycling system. Unused powder is automatically picked up and put into the cartridge. The powder is sifted, cleaned and preheated automatically. This option will save 30% of the printing time spend on refilling the cartridges and preparing the printer to work.

Baseplate grinding machine

Automatic grinding machine to remove retain of supports and make a flat surface for new prints. A simple and efficient machine will save operators time for setup and help to save blade from excessive wear.

Variety of laser sources

The laser source is the heart of the system.

200-watt IPG Photonics laser is supplied within the base version (for some models).

IPG is the world's best-known laser manufacturer making high-end laser sources.

Up to 1kW laser source will increase the scanning rate. This is especially important for titanium alloys and bold models. Thus higher laser power can increase printing speed by 30-200%.

Small portion adapter

Small portion adapter reduces powder cycling. It helps to save powder clean and fresh while printing small parts.

Spare rakels kit

10 pieces of spare silicon rakels suitable for LAR100 machine.

Spare build platform kit

A kit of 5 spare build platforms. Several platforms could be put inside the printing chamber to save inert gas and the time for refilling the chamber with a new atmosphere. This reduces printing costs and increases the printing speed.
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